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Corporate Social Responsibility - how companies behave and how that behaviour impacts the environment and society at large - is fast becoming an important business issue. Public concern is mounting. Shareholders and stakeholders are flexing their muscles. Ultimately, this could translate to the company's bottom line.

Many companies recognise this, so CSR is now at the heart of the corporate governance agenda. But doing it is not enough. Communicating it is as important. How companies communicate CSR to customers and shareholders, is vital. It says as much about their brand as do their products and services. It will affect not only their reputation in the City, but also with their customers.

The aim of this survey was to look at how well - or badly - Britain's top companies are communicating their CSR activities.

Our Approach

The survey is a 'snapshot' in time. Over a six-week period in July and August 2004, we surveyed the websites of FTSE 100 and 250 companies for CSR-related information and ranked them in line with agreed criteria.

The criteria related only to the quality of the online communication, not the CSR activities themselves.

How easy is it to get to, how easy is it to read, can you interact with it? Is the CSR information on-line treated with the same respect and professional communications as other information? Basically, do companies care about their audience?

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