CTN - Innovation in Communication

2003 Expert Panel

The original survey was developed with the kind support of an independent expert panel. The panel agreed the criteria, set the weighting of the 2003 survey and ensured the independence of the results. The original panel comprised of:

Rachel Jackson - Head of Social and Environmental Issues Association of Chartered Certified Accountants .
ACCA has promoted transparency in reporting the impact of business activities on sustainable development for over a decade.
Wayne Drew - Chief Executive of the IVCA , Europe's leading body for business communicators
Paul Scott - Director of CorporateRegister.com .
Corporate Register is a free on-line resource for environmental, social and sustainability.
David Bowen - FT Columnist on Business Internet issues
The Winner of ACCA Electronic Reporting Award
For 2003 - Chris Tuppen - Head of Sustainable Development and Corporate Accountability at BT.
CSR Survey Management Team

The CTN Team involved in the creation, development and implementation of both CSR surveys includes:

Richard Coope - Richard Coope is the Head of CSR at CTN and is in charge of the CSR Online Survey. He is a specialist in CSR communication and is passionate about the need to make sustainability more engaging. Richard is completing an advanced diploma in Sustainability at The University of Cambridge and is a certificated member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
Gary Mitchell - Gary is CTN's Director of programmes and is a director of the IVCA. Gary co-founded CTN ten years ago and he is passionate about effective, inspired communication in CSR.
Mary White - Mary is Head of Employee Communication at CTN with a specialisation in internal communications and CSR. Mary recently joined CTN and has spent many years as an internal communications consultant for Mercer Human Resources.
Kapil Mistry, Independent Researcher - This year's survey was undertaken by an independent researcher, called Kapil Mistry. Kapil was responsible for assessing each website for the 2004 survey and for establishing the 2004 CSR Survey rankings. He is currently completing qualifications in Geography and Business Management at Queen Mary's, University of London.
The 2003 CSR Online Survey was originally produced in collaboration with the following members of FUTERRA:

Solitaire Townsend -Solitaire co-founded FUTERRA and manages communication strategies and implementation of social and environmental responsibility. Solitaire helped create, develop and promote last year's survey. She is passionate about the need for effective communication for CSR.
Nathan Oxley - Nathan conducted the research for the first CSR Online Survey. He helped establish the initial criteria for the survey and has subsequently provided consultancy support for corporate clients. After completing the survey research he joined FUTERRA full time in 2003.