CTN - Innovation in Communication

The Panel

The following criteria were originally developed in collaboration with FUTERRA and with the kind support of an independent expert panel, between January and March 2003. The panel agreed the criteria, set the weighting of the 2003 survey and ensured the independence of the 2003 results.

The 2003 expert panel consisted of:

1. Rachel Jackson, Head of Social and Environmental Issues, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
2. Wayne Drew, CEO of the IVCA
3. Paul Scott, Director of CorporateRegister.com
4. David Bowen - FT Columnist on Business Internet Issues
5. Chris Tuppen - Head of Sustainable Development and Corporate Accountability at BT.

Definition of 'CSR Content':

Sections of a site relating to a company's interaction with the environment and stakeholders. As a development to the 2003 CSR Survey assessment, the 2004 Survey stipulated that any CSR information had to be integral to the main body of each corporate site, rather than as a separate site, such as an isolated corporate foundation site. As a guide, the following terms are related to such content:
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainable development
  • Human rights
  • Stakeholders and stakeholder dialogue
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Ethical trading
  • Community
  • Philanthropy/charitable donations
Glossary of Terms

The Criteria

The numbers indicate the number of points given for each criterion. The total number of points available is 79. The survey criteria are based on the joint Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and CorporateRegister publication 'Environmental, Social and Sustainability Reporting on the World Wide Web: A Guide to Best Practice'. The publication can be downloaded as a PDF from www.corporateregister.com and www.accaglobal.com .

A. Quantitative Questions Points
A1. Is CSR content available on web?
a) Yes 1
A2. What type of CSR content is available?
a) basic introduction/overview statement 3
b) case studies/commentary 3
c) full report 3
A3. What download formats are available?
a) Word 1
b) PDF 1
c) PowerPoint 1
A4. What contact details are available?
a) Email 1
b) Address 1
c) Telephone/Fax 1
A5. What search facilities are available?
a) Adequate indexing of content 3
b) Up-to-date archive of previous CSR content 3
c) Search engine and site map 3
A6. What technology is used to enhance CSR communication?
a) Audio/video webcast 1
b) Forum/bulletin boards 1
c) Flash animation 1
A7. What additional features are available?
a) Summary/Executive report available 2
b) Games/competitions 1
c) Link to content from company homepage 2
d) Direct link between CSR report and Annual report 2
e) Previous years information available for comparison 2
f) Clearly explained details of required software downloads 1
g) Support content contains manageable file sizes and download times 1
h) Accessibility/users with disabilities taken into consideration 2
i) Different language versions of key data/downloads 1
j) Personalisation available 2
k) 'What's New' or 'News' section 1
B. Qualitative
B1. Accessibility of CSR content - "is it easy to get to?"
a) CSR information easy to access and find (3 clicks) 1
b) CSR section is easy to navigate with clear functionality 3
c) OVERALL: CSR section is an effective online facility 2
B2. Usability of CSR content - "is it user-friendly?"
a) CSR content is well indexed and available in appropriate sections 4
b) CSR content is clear and readable, using plain English 4
c) OVERALL: CSR section is simple and easy to use 3
B3. Relevance of CSR content - "is it relevant?"
a) All information, including links, are regularly updated 1
b) Adequate working links to related content 3
c) OVERALL: The CSR experience is up-to-date and relevant 3
B4. Interactivity of CSR content - "is it engaging?"
a) CSR pages demonstrate interactive elements (debates/feedback) 2
b) CSR content is presented clearly and concisely 1
c) OVERALL: CSR content involves and engages the user 2
B5. Experience of CSR content - "is it communicated well?"
a) CSR 'look and feel' complements the company's online presentation 3
b) Does design layout complement content? 1
c) OVERALL: Is the CSR experience fulfilling? 1
Total: 79