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CSR Online Debate 2003 In association with ippr and PRWEEK

Talking the Walk

Is CSR its own worst enemy when trying to engage stakeholders?
Will PR kill or cure CSR?
Is a report the best (or worst) way to communicate your commitment?

There are many questions about communicating CSR. Some question if we should do it at all. On 12th November 2003 CTN and Futerra produced an online debate to get to the heart of these questions - and found some interesting answers.

More than 200 CSR practitioners and communications professionals took part in this live debate. The debate lasted for two hours and contained challenging views on the dangers of green wash and corporate spin in CSR. Suggestions were also shared on how to make CSR more engaging. Click here to view the full debate .

PR Week and the Institute of Public Relations partnered the debate and an article was published in PR Week on 5th December. Click here for press details . The debate was welcomed by Stephen Timms, Minister of State at the DTI:

Stephen Timms MP "This debate comes at a time when companies are having to communicate with an ever wider range of stakeholders. There is an increasingly lively debate between the public and the business community about corporate responsibility, raising a host of issues about communications. I congratulate FUTERRA and CTN in bringing this discussion to the fore and I look forward to a dynamic online debate". Stephen Timms MP

For further information on the CSR online debate contact:
Richard Coope
[email protected]